Mother Athena Khan Presents World AIDS Day Ball Pt3

Get Ready for The Annual world AIDS day’s ball is coming up more info to come
Over 2500 in cash Categories.
Tables 75.00
$20.00 all night
Doors Open at 9.
lss starts at 10

Commentator #1 Legendary Father Tarik St. Clair
Commentator #2 Snookie NYC
DJ of the Evening is Legendary VJUAN ALLURE

As Every year no matter what the category is calling for you must bring it with a Red Ribbon in honor of World Aids Day.

Best Dressed: For Years your Organization is known for throwing the best fundraising Gala, for HIV/AIDS Research, The night is Stunning everyone is Dress to Empress, this year you have been Asked to Host this Event what Does your Look Scream… 2 Trophies
MF/FF (don’t forget your Red Ribbon) $$150.00

Beginner’s Performance : Fresh And Clean tonight you are the new Girl on the block and Everyone Loves the Smell of fresh meat, tonight the look is on you but must scream Tasteful & Beginner (don’t forget your red ribbon) 1 Trophy $$50.00

Beginner’s runway The New Era: Every Year a New set of Indivuals are Born into Fashion tonight you have the Chance to Win a Spot working with some of the hottest Designers know to the Fashion World in a creative Effect show them why you deserve that spot.$$50.00

Male Figure realness :
$$350.00 last standing will Battle for the cash

School boy Tonight You are the Science Behind the Epidemic Bring it like a Lab Tech reach to Attack this Epidemic (props are a must)

Thug: Boys in the hood (not your Average Hood) Tonight you are the blackmarket Salesmen show me what it looks like to for Indivuals with no insurance to come and Purchase Black MArket Meds for this Epidemic. (dont forget your red ribbon in honor of world Aids day).

Pretty boy the Face Behind the Campaign tonight we want you to Recreate your Favorite HIV Prevention Campaign.

Executive: Tonight Gilead is Looking for its New Director of Community Engagement/ Street Out Reach, Show us what your Proposal Looks Like that will land you the Position.

Transmen: Date night, Tonight you and your Significant other have been Invited to Attend a World Aids day Benefit dinner what will you wear.( Partner doesnt have to be with you)

Butch : Bring it in your Red fitted

Female Figure Realness Ladys In Red SPonsored By The Legendary Craig Khan

Drags Tonight out Put away the Sneaker’s and the Boots and bring out the Dresses and the Heel’s Look is on you but remember you are the lady in red $$150.00

Femqueen A Lady Never goes out on the town with out her Purse and Lipstick tonight in a look of your choice bring it with a Red Lip and your Red Accesories. $$150.00

Female Figure Performance The Snow Queen vs Ice Queen $$$200.00

Drags Tonight show us why you Performance will always leave the Scene Frozen.

Femqueen tonight you are the ice queen show us why your the coldest Queen of them All.

Butch Queen Vogue Fem : the Kings turned into Queens $$500.00
Last dramatic and Soft and Cunt will Battle for the Cash

Tonight you shall are Queens instead of Kings dont forget to wear your Crown.

Soft & Cunt : All Black Dont forget your Red Ribbon

Dramatics : black and Gold With your Red Ribbon

OTA Runway: The Once in a lifetime Achievement, tonight you have been selected to be featured in a Three Page Lay out in VOGUE Magazine, You must bring it in a eye Catching Effect and a OVA Head piece (but dont forget you Red Ribbon in Honor of worl Aids Day $$500.00
Last Runways Standing Will Battle for the cash
All American

Realness W A Twist Part 1: Must get your Tens in a realness Categories First.

Part 2 for the last few years we have heard the twister are vouging like Vf tonight bring it like your favorite Vouge fem that inspires you . $$200.00

Old Way : Tonight bring it Like Old World (Baroque, Vintage,) $$50.00

Butch Queen Face : In Red and Black Look of your Choice Just remember Teeth Skin and Structure. $$$100.00

BIg Boys Performance: I can do that To For years Big Boys have been underestimated because of there size, tonight bring it in black and green, and dont forget your red Ribbon in honor of world Aids Day $$50.00

Ota New Face New Kid on the block tonight in all black with a touch of Red bring it with a creative pair of Sun Glasses made Using the red ribbion as Insparation.

Legendary Realness: you have Live through the Era of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic or you have live through the New Era of HIV/AIDS Tonight with a look of your own bring us a Picture of someone you know that Has Passed away from this Epidemic (dont forget your Red Ribbon) $200.00

Legendary Performance: Return of the Black Alley Cat Tonight in a all Black Cat suite show us why you are legened and dont for your Red Ribbon. $$200.00

OTA Sex Siren : The Ribbon Master
Tonight take the World Aids Day Ribbon and Make A Tasteful Yet Sexy Outfit out of it $$250.00 Last one’s standing will Battle for the cash
Male Figure
Cat boy

Women’s Performance: For the Last Few years Womens performance has been a hot Category to walk y’all have put a shame to some of the vogue categories out now, tonight in a effect of your choice but must have a red Ribbon show us You are the Master of your element tonight pick your element and storm the floor making the girls know it